Beehive November 28, 2012

As a former little bee I am completely at ease jumping around a beehive. Especially if I can do so with my Thanksgiving guests a.k.a. Floortje and Daantje. We had a blast playing together!

I owed you my Halloween costume November 28, 2012

My parents weren't very organized this year, and I was not really in the mood to dress up this year, so I do not have many pictures of my Halloween costume. Here are some, as they keep being requested by my grandparents. Can you guess what I am? I will give you a hint? BZZZZZZ

ps. Funnily enough, now that Halloween is over and mommy got rid of the costume, I can't stop talking about trick or treating, being a honey bee and Halloween. It's just these little mind tricks I play to keep my parents on their toes!  

At the mall November 28, 2012

In the US malls have come to realize that little shopping divas such as myself need time to relax in between all the shopping. So, here I am, happily jumping around...uhm...I mean, relaxing after spending all that money!

Slides and swings November 28, 2012

As I am approaching the grand age of three, I find I am much more bold than I used to be. I now go up and down slides and have recently even been spotted on a swing, sitting on my own. And I do not mean the baby swing either ;-)

Step 2 in creating my own income! November 8, 2012

I have been working at making pizza, selling muffins, and a lot of other jobs. But, I have come to realize the important thing is to have people pay you money for the work you do. So, I bought a register and I am trying to learn how it works. You can pay me with coins, or credit card. No banknotes, please!

No more pumpkins please! November 8, 2012

Hey there,

We had a fall festival at school, but by that time I had seen so many pumpkins I only wanted to run away. Plus, it happened to be COLD! Not used to that in Texas...