Feeding Bambi! October 8, 2012

There were deer at the farm too, so I got to meet and feed Bambi! She was a bit shy though...

Old McDonalds farm October 8, 2012

Did you know that Old McDonalds Farm is located in Humble, Texas? They have all sorts of animals, but I liked feeding the goats most of all. Until they decided they like my jacket more than the seeds that is! Can't really blame them though. My jacket is very nice :-)

Pumpkins! October 8, 2012

Since it is fall again, there are pumpkins everywhere! Look, I found a BIG one :-) And I can take it home too!

Chess club October 7, 2012

Hmm....it's not such a difficult game, it is just that those pieces are SO big I can't move them. Otherwise I would win for sure!

Who made a mess? October 7, 2012

Okay...this may not have been the smartest idea I ever had, but at least I managed to trick my parents into believing I was asleep. Or as I would say: "Eeeyyyy...silly parents!". As you can see, I was not asleep... Think I can now trick them into believing I had nothing to do with this mess?

My shop is now open October 7, 2012

All major credit cards accepted. Merchandise at very reasonable prices. And - if I do say so myself - excellent service! You just need a little bit of imagination to actually see what I am selling ;-)