Playing in the park September 30, 2011

The weather is finally a bit cooler! Yay! It means I get to go to the park and play on the slides :-) Woosh! 

Driving September 30, 2011

What do you mean you need a license to drive? It does not seem that complicated to me. If only I could reach the pedals I'd show you!

Furniture September 30, 2011

My dad assembled this piece of furniture from Ikea. I have yet to figure out what it is for. I tried sitting in it, but I must say it's not very comfortable. I do hope it's not my new bed...

Daddy's little helper September 17, 2011

My daddy needs some help when sorting out the dishwasher! Lucky for him I know where everything goes. Here is where the spoons go! You just throw them in, and they magically land on the right spot :-D 

I'm going to school... September 17, 2011

And I take with me one bag, filled with my goodies, like a sippy cup, and a blanket and if I manage to sneak him in my bunny! I hold on to the bag all the way from home to school! Noone is getting that bag! Can't be too careful these days, you know you should not leave your bags unattended!

Tara's got talent! September 16, 2011

Hey there! Those who have been following my blog know I started practicing for talent shows at a young age. Now that I am starting to talk a bit, I can show you the results of my hard work. My choreography isn't yet up to par but I'll work on that one next!