Dikkie Dik July 24, 2011

And this is the newest addition to the family, called Dikkie Dik. Filip chose him especially for me. And I even managed to stuff Dikkie Dik into the suitcase when my parents weren't watching. So now I can play with him in Texas!

Cousin Filip July 24, 2011

The best part of being in the Netherlands, apart from seeing my grandparents, was playing with my cousin. He is really cool, and so much older and wiser than me! 

Big girl! July 24, 2011

I am constantly growing and people say I am not a baby any longer. I totally agree with that one. Just look at how tall I am. Okay, so the log helps a bit...but still...

Bunnies July 24, 2011

There was a lot of rain in the Netherlands, so I did not get to go out much, but on one rare sunny morning I decided to go to the park and play with the bunnies. They are really nice! Nice means I have to pet the bunny :-D

Vacation July 24, 2011

Hi y'all, I've been a bit quiet on this blog as I have been vacationing in the Netherlands. So for 2 weeks I was a Dutch girl again and did my best to blend in!

Work! July 3, 2011

Now that I am 18-months old I've decided it's time to start working! I'm a baby no more... See, I can sit on a big chair, and if I could just reach the keyboard I'd be writing computer code in no time at all. I am my daddy's girl after all!

Parade July 3, 2011

We had a big celebration at the daycare to celebrate America's birthday. But for some reason we got all the presents. I received a nice t-shirt and hairband. And I was the coolest toddler of all, lying in the nicely decorated wagon... It was so much fun. And I like to think everyone was celebrating my 18-month anniversary :-D

Playground July 3, 2011

We found a playground really close to my home. Here I can sit on a seesaw, slide down slides and swing all day long. But I am taking it slowly, for now I just like the seesaw...and climbing on and off this high boundary!