Guarding my toys February 27, 2011

My parents have started packing for our move to Houston. I saw them taking some of my toys and books and putting it in a box. Soon I'll have no toys left - so now I'm guarding them with my life. If they try to take them I'll wake and cry :-D

Mario February 27, 2011

My parents are so hopeless when playing mario on our wii that I just couldn't watch anymore - so I decided to help them. Maybe this way we will finish the game before our move to Houston.

Concentrating February 27, 2011

Who ever invented educational toys? Even as a baby you can't just play, you have to learn as well. See how I am concentrating on getting the blocks through the little holes. When is the time for my afternoon break and nap?

Brushing my teeth February 27, 2011

I may have only 8 teeth, but even now, hygiene is important. And I just can't depend on anyone else to brush my teeth as good as I can myself. Maybe this will keep the dentist away?

Strike a pose! February 7, 2011

I'm in the height of fashion again, thanks to some birthday presents my aunt, uncle and cousin Filip gave me. And I admit I got carried away a bit while showing them to my mom. I'm just so proud of my new gear!

Too big? No way... February 7, 2011

My parents are telling me that I am getting to big to sleep horizontally in the bed. Too big? No way! Just look at the evidence... There is room to spare!

Supercar February 7, 2011

I know you are getting tired of reading about my supercar - but I just had to show you that it really is a car. It even has a trunk where I can store my toys so that I have them with me on the road. How cool is that?