tasty! August 28, 2010

I discovered a new snack today! It's my big toe! Very tasty...

Sleep safe August 24, 2010

When I'm sleeping my friends are always there to protect me :-)

Bathing time August 20, 2010

I'm so big that I can bath on my own these days. My parents aren't too scared of me going under, cause there is just no way I would fit at the bottom :-D Not that my bottom is big....

Crawling August 20, 2010

Look at me! I'm almost crawling...not quite going forward, but doing a fine backward crawl! And really happy to explore around the living room...the tropical island is much too small for a lively girl like me.

Sun! August 9, 2010

I don't like it when the sun shines into my eyes. So I thought I would try some sunglasses...but they weren't very effective. They do colour well with my dress though. My fashion sense is well developed as you can see :-D

Animals August 9, 2010

I've made first contact with some totally new species (for me). Up until now I thought bunny's were cuddly toys, and I didn't even know goats existed. There is so much to learn!

Organizing skills August 5, 2010

As you can see, I'm still honing my organizing skills. Should come in handy in later years, when I'll have to pack all my toys away into my room! Now I have my parents to do it, but I guess they will not fall for my smiles for much longer...

Teething August 5, 2010

Hi, I'm seven months old already! And I have been busy, so I haven't had time to post new blogs. Here you can see me chewing on everything I can get my hands on. You would too if you were teething!