Crawling June 27, 2010

As I'm a very busy baby during the day, I've decided to learn how to crawl while sleeping. I can already get up on my knees! 

Food upgrade June 27, 2010

I've finally been upgraded to fruit-snacks! I like them so much I grab hold of the spoon and won't let go! 

Fun time June 21, 2010

Today I was playing with my dad and it was great fun !

World cup! June 17, 2010

As you may know the 2010 FIFA World Cup started, and I decided soccer is not only meant for boys :-) But mostly, I'll cheer for any team that decides to give me free clothes when I buy my much needed diapers...I'm still a girl after all...

Big girl! June 14, 2010

This is my favourite position to sleep in on the bed. It makes me feel like a big girl because my head and my feet are touching the bed. And I figured out what to do when I grow up some more...I'll just stick my legs through the bars. As you can see, I'm already practicing.

Rolling, rolling, rolling... June 7, 2010

Ever since I learned how to turn from my back onto my tummy I can't seem to stop rolling. Even in my sleep. Mind you, it can be a bit uncomfortable waking up like this!

Organizing skills June 7, 2010

I have great organizing skills. See how I've maximized access to my toys? This way I can, with minimal effort, continue playing when I wake up.

Fancy clothes June 3, 2010

My mom got her tax return so she splurged on some new clothes for me. See my fancy new outfit? I think it makes me look at least six months old even though I just turned five months yesterday.

Playing June 3, 2010

My parents seem to think I'm getting spoiled by all the toys I have gotten from their friends. But I'm not sure what they are referring to....Do you see any toys? This is my much needed exercise routine on my tummy...and I can't even get a good grip on little piggy....