Best friends March 28, 2010

I play and talk to a lot of my toys, but I haven't forgotten my little mouse. This is me giving him my special smile that I only give to the very best of my friends!

Safety first March 28, 2010

I started moving around in bed a lot, even hitting my head against the sidebars, so my parents put a bumper on my bed. Now I can't hurt myself while exploring and as a bonus I can count the blue dots until I fall asleep :-) 

Communicating March 23, 2010

This is my "I don't want to eat, I want to sleep"-face. Typically, I make this face a few minutes after crying about being hungry, when my parents start feeding me. And just to confuse my parents more...if they put me back to sleep, I start asking for food again. It's a great game :-)

Swimming March 20, 2010

I was today for the first time outside of my home city ! I decided to celebrate this with a nice "swim" on Filip's tropical island. I'm getting closer and closer to grab that flamenco...

Elephant March 15, 2010

This is the first time I've shown more than a passing interest in a toy. What can I say, even my parents like this elephant. 

Morning, sunshine! March 15, 2010

I'm at my happiest in the morning, right after breakfast. Even more so when my parents make funny faces at me.

Exercise March 12, 2010

I can simultaneously hold my head and my legs up! Quite an achievement when you're not even 3 months old. But it's worth it just to see my mouse...the giraffe is not bad either :-) 

Sitting up.. March 9, 2010

Here I'm concentrating real hard to remain sitting. I still need my dad to position me, but it's a beginning!

Experimenting March 9, 2010

This is me trying to sleep and play at the same time. It wasn't a very successful and learn :-)  

In my room March 6, 2010

My parents decided that I am old enough to sleep in my own room, because I don't wake them up at night anymore. As you can see I slept through the big move...but will be happy to have my friend mouse to look at when going to sleep and waking up :-)

My mouse March 3, 2010

Here you see a picture of my best friend, little mouse. He's the one I tell all my troubles to! In fact, I only talk to him...

Two months old March 2, 2010

Hi, today I'm two months old. I've learned a lot since I was born: to do push-ups, to sleep all night, to smile, to talk to my mouse...